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My purpose is to investigate "young-Earth evidences" honestly and responsibly, confident that God will be glorified by the Truth regardless of its theological implications.Therefore, if you have any comments or suggestions regarding anything in this fact sheet, please contact me.Both Christians and atheists are commonly guilty of this error.It should be obvious that any Christian who believes that God is the ordainer and framer of this world, and that God is the initiator of all logic and scientific thought, should never take such a position.The purpose of this paper is to set forth the facts of nature in light of the claims made by Young-Earth Creationist leaders in hope that, by better understanding the facts of nature, we will also come to a better understanding of God's greater source of revelation - the words of the Bible.Concerning References: A large number of articles from scientific journals are referenced in this fact sheet, and I strongly encourage interested readers to look at this source material.

The Unexplained Mystery Even in this age of scientific and technical achievement, there are many natural phenomena that do not have a satisfactory scientific explanation.Many journal articles are also available online, one good source for finding them is the Astrophysical Data System Abstract Service (All of the young-Earth claims addressed in this fact sheet can be found in books published by Young-Earth organizations.My email address is matthewt at lpl dot arizona dot edu Thanks and God bless you.Matthew Tiscareno October 7, 1999 Before I begin addressing one-by-one the arguments for a young Earth, I think it is important to explain some errors that are repeatedly committed in these arguments.

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Rather, the purpose of this paper is to ensure that our Faith is based firmly on Truth, and not merely wishful thinking.