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Soon a well-hung guyappears and notices that Eric has hot chicks at his disposal.Threatening thecoach with exposure of their little gay affair, the naughty stag joins thegeneral fun.A usual traveling salesman who curses his lifein a strange "Farm Lessons" county because of the broken car, walksto the first house he sees on his way to seek help and refuge.

Penny is in real trouble – Gadget is away, and this is just the time when Dr. Naked Penny is helpless and can’t oppose the muscled men who wish to taste her young body!

Their humble son Elmer ishandsome but too shy to show his libido inherited from his ever-horny mother.

Their daughter Candy may look absolutely sweet and naive, but wait a second andyou will reveal how wild and insatiable her sexual appetite is.

Meanwhile Lucy and Clair jogging in the park reveal a cute hornybuck following them. Behold many hotcharacters; see sparkles of sexual tension between them and enjoy every kind ofdirty adult games imaginable!

Feel free to join in and participate in thisvicious contest of endless sex! When any family has a big reunion, be ready to comeacross a skeleton or two in their closets! Colonel Beuford is the most predictable character of the lot.


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