Www mamba dating

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Www mamba dating

More specifically, in Tinder, Happn and Bumble users can add information about their job and education.Using that information, we managed in 60% of cases to identify users’ pages on various social media, including Facebook and Linked In, as well as their full names and surnames.

The app uses it to find out how many friends the user has in common on Facebook.

Some apps only allow users with premium (paid) accounts to send messages, while others prevent men from starting a conversation.

These restrictions don’t usually apply on social media, and anyone can write to whomever they like.

This method is quite laborious, though the services themselves simplify the task: an attacker can remain in one place, while feeding fake coordinates to a service, each time receiving data about the distance to the profile owner.

During our research, we also checked what sort of data the apps exchange with their servers.

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This allows an attacker, for example, to see which accounts the victim is currently viewing.