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The two women began sharing some stories from around the block, ("People love to hear drama.

Especially filmmakers," Taylor tells me) and happened upon a striking bit of drama from the neighborhood: a trans woman became enraged when she heard her boyfriend had slept with a biological female — "actual fish," as they say in The result, at least for me, is the ideal Sundance movie: totally unexpected, set in a world I’ve never visited, with a story the major studios wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot selfie stick.

isn’t perfect — it slows considerably in its final third, and the big climax at Donut Time feels less convincing than the film that led up to it.

But in a festival full of coming-of-age dramas and straightforward documentaries, it’s a minor miracle: a good long look at the margins, captured by a 0 phone.

It's pretty easy to tell: They send the same message over and over, often with the same link.

But there's a type of dating site scam that's far trickier to spot, and the people who operate it claim to be making thousands of dollars every month fooling vulnerable men.

"With a lot of these social realist films, the first thing you do is drain the color," Baker says. We pumped the colors and put the saturation through the roof.

There’s the subject matter: transgender prostitutes working in a not-so glamorous part of Hollywood.

If you've used a dating site or app like Ok Cupid or Tinder, you'll have noticed the hundreds of fake profiles that exist on the sites, seemingly designed to make you hand over your profile to scammers.

Dating sites are, thankfully, getting better at spotting who is using their service to send thousands of spam messages.

It's not just guns and drugs that are up for sale on deep web sites.

Vendors also list guides on how to commit other illegal activities.

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"But you have to know 100 years worth of filmmaking." doesn’t stop with its camera.

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