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Bluetooth, 802.11x, CDMA, GSM, and 3G are different standards that define different methods to physically encode the data for transmission across the airwaves.In this chapter, we will focus on networks built upon the 802.11x and Bluetooth standards.Infrared Data Association (Ir DA) and Bluetooth are the main WPAN wireless technologies; they exist in the physical layer (see Table 9-1).The devices that take advantage of a WPAN include PDAs, printers, cameras, cell phones, and access points, to name a few.

The text reproduced here is slightly altered from the text as it appears in the book, insofar as there are live links in the book but not in this excerpt.These devices use wireless technologies to communicate with each other.The physical layer contains different physical encoding mechanisms for wireless communications.In this chapter we will first take a look at what Windows XP Professional has promised to bring to you in wireless technology.Then we will discuss the current security problems with wireless networks and your options for dealing with them.

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ISBN: 0-07-222602-1 Reprinted with permission Introduction Windows XP's Support for Wireless Technologies Current Security Problems in Wireless Current Countermeasures to Wireless Insecurity Designing a Secure Wireless Network Tools of the Trade Checklist: Wireless Security Wireless technology releases us from copper wires.