Who is snsd sooyoung dating

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Who is snsd sooyoung dating

Well that's my version of how the story will be less boring.

I am sorry to say but this has to be my least favourite drama of all time.

I really started feeling sorry for Shi woo since it was extremely obvious how things would turn out, moreso than other kdramas I've watched.

I quit after about 8 episodes and the parts I don't regret watching would be the little cute moments that did exist with Myungsoo and Krystal in the storyline.

I agree with others in saying that he would've made a good lead male in this drama.

However after the first five or so episodes, the story became less and less gripping as the character played by Rain become more and more frustrating.

Hae Yoon and Jae Young are both annoying, can't stand them. Because at least those two have emotion unlike the two robotic boring women. so if you're looking for a nice and interesting drama, look for another one.

its always good to have older male lead rather young male lead... cant believe its been 4 years this drama I'm on episode 11 but I don't want to continue watching it because I have second lead sydrome and Rain's chemistry with Krystal is boring asf. I think they could have taken out the ladies and let L and Rain have a romance. although i skipped their reunion scene in episode 16 coz i really really didn't care anymore, and the ending just sucked and made no sense at all.

I hate this line of some commentors "they dont have the chemistry" for me it looks cute a matured man falls with a younger woman... At first it seemed pretty good, but then after like five episodes I was dying with second lead syndrome, frustrated with the Rains character, and bored with anything that wasn't L and Krystal. But My Lovely Girl kinda brought me a little dissapointment towards the end.. i just finished watching the heirs and i loved Krystal in that drama, so im considering this, but the comments are not that great, plus rating wise, its not that high, so yeah. it was interesting at first, but after that the storyline just got really weird and boring to me.

And fyi my lovely girl is drama most expensive sale in china at the time,but lost with pinochio I love this drama now im in eps 6.

and no, i'm not hating on krystal, coz i thought she did well in "The Heirs". and i don't find her to be leading lady material, at least not yet.

No chemistry between them at all, I wonder whether their age difference was too much to overcome. there should have put more chemistry between L (Kim Myung Soo) and Krystal... this character show the truly meaning of friendship, he so amazing in this drama, i wish that he could end up with someone in this drama, feel sorry to him because he until the end still alone.. I could have come up with a better story development.

I kept watching to see if the writers were going to wake up and change the love interest, but no. Rain should have just help her out like her sister...Rain acting was kind of childish around Krystal ...he look old too.... the only good thing of this drama is the song of Alex chu - I Want To Love You 사랑해줄래 ... I really love the storyline, that's not heavy and interest. rating 7.5/10 I thought the 2 mains are supposed to find healings through music, was disappointed because there wasn't as much music and singing as I expected. Se Na could have taken up the fake name Joo Hong or joo hong sister to escape the loan sharks and get to know Rain and fell in love while healing through the music song writing process.

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Rain had better chemistry with Dalbongie the adorable dog than Krystal. None of the characters were interesting nor most of the time SMILED. Krystal was boring and dull in a young girl way and Ye Ryun was the same dull version but a little more miserable. When this occurs you know the director picked and directed right. Love the language even though I don't speak or understand it. Se Na was like a little pouting girl through the drama, neither ladies showed facial emotions. It also loved the storyline up to about Ep 10----After that it went down hill from there for me. He is so handsome-----I want to see him in some more dramas. I would've wanted her to go to him as she is the one that left. I love The story line "I know its predictable but the story is simple and dont need to think hard"And For People who complain All Actress/tor acting in this drama i dont know I dont Have any problem With Main lead Is Believable And Not overacting(for me)They do a great job portray the character (Its my opinion) okay the only "lovely girl" in this show was the heroine's best friend, joo hong.

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