Who is michael douglas dating

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Who is michael douglas dating

” At the time, Douglas — who turns 100 years old on Friday — was the biggest star on the planet, with a range that blew away audiences, whether he was wielding a sword against the Romans as “Spartacus” or crying in anguish as Vincent van Gogh in “Lust for Life.” He didn’t have to answer to Cavett — or anyone, for that matter.

Getting drunk is a surefire way to make bad decisions.

Douglas said Bacall, who would later change her first name to Lauren, teased the impoverished student about the shabby, oversize overcoat he wore — so she got him a new one. Crawford played an innocent flirt throughout their dinner, he said.

But the instant the front door of her Hollywood mansion closed behind them, she tore off her dress, flung it aside and grappled Douglas to the foyer floor.

“As I look back, I realize that somehow I was attracted to women who were neurotic,” he said. Livingston, who seduced him when he was 14, he said.

A few years later as he struggled to become an actor, he enrolled at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and his eyes fell on a sultry blond woman named Betty Bacall. One warm spring evening on a rooftop in Greenwich Village I tried to seduce her. As far as I’m concerned, Lauren Bacall can do no wrong.’’ The thrice-Oscar-nominated actor was no gentleman, however, when he tucked into a tale about the night he spent with “Mildred Pierce” actress Joan Crawford, who would also later be trashed by her adopted daughter, Christina Crawford, in her book, “Mommie Dearest.” He went out with Crawford just once, he said — and never called her again.

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Sexy brunette Ava Gardner’s beauty took his breath away. She was quite upset and we chatted for about 10 minutes. No mention was ever made of her nocturnal visit.’’ When it came to sex, Douglas admits he looked at it as if he were on a big game safari in Africa. He said he took the woman to bed, keeping the fact he was Jewish a secret until the climatic moment, when he screamed: “I am a Jew!

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