Who is gloria allred dating

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Who is gloria allred dating

(He later committed suicide.) As a single mother, Allred became a teacher, working in inner-city schools.In 1966, on vacation in Acapulco, she was raped at gunpoint, became pregnant, and had an illegal abortion that almost killed her.

In 1984, she sued the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles on behalf of Rita Milla, who Allred says was the first woman to go public with charges of sexual abuse against multiple priests.And when this scandal fades, there will doubtless soon be another, because whenever there’s a salacious news story, from the Scott Peterson murder case to Tiger Woods’ serial affairs, Allred manages to become part of it.Though the most famous feminist attorney in the United States, she has become something of a national joke, a media hound who has undermined her reputation by pushing victim-feminism well past the point of caricature.This is understandable, but it threatens to reduce feminism to the revenge of scorned women.Allred’s own life was definitively shaped by men’s misdeeds, criminal and otherwise.

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But every time a man hurts a woman, it’s not necessarily a matter of public concern.

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