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One serum would reduce the size of persons and objects, and the other would restore them to their normal size.

Pym tested the reducing serum on himself and discovered it was more powerful than he had expected: it reduced him to the size of an insect.

At first he found that he could not support his own weight if he grew to a height above twelve feet.

As the Wasp, Janet van Dyne assisted the Ant-Man in finding and defeating the murderous Kosmosian.Acceding to his wishes, van Dyne retired as a crime fighter, too.Sometime later, however, Pym and van Dyne learned that the Sub-Mariner was heading for New York City.Angela Pym (paternal grandmother, deceased); Brad Pym (father); Doris Pym (mother); Janos Trovaya (1st father-in-law, deceased); Vernon Van Dyne (ex-father-in-law, deceased); Maria Trovaya (1st wife, deceased); Janet Van Dyne (ex-wife); Nadia Pym (daughter)William Nelson (genetic son); Ultron (creation, "son"); Ultron-1 (creation, "son," deceased); Dimitrios (creation, "son"); Alexis (creation, "daughter")Eton (creation, "daughter")Fountain (creation, "daughter")Bangalter (Creation, "son")Cothran (creation, "son", deceased)Alkhema ("granddaughter"); Jocasta ("granddaughter"); Victor Mancha ("grandson"); Vision ("grandson"); Vision (Jonas) (personality engrams of Vision, deceased); Thomas Maximoff ("great grandson", deceased); William Maximoff ("great grandson", deceased); Thomas Shepherd (reincarnation of "great grandson"); Wanda Maximoff (granddaughter-in-law); Machine Man (grandson in-law); Virginia ("granddaughter-in-law", deceased); Vin ("great grandson", deceased); Vivian ("great granddaughter"); Vivian 2.0 ("great granddaughter");all regarded by Ultron as part of his "extended family" due to their familial connections with the Vision Ultronic Territories, Alaska; formerly Avengers Compound, Los Angeles, California, Crofton University, Washington, D. Jocasta just asked me where I'd be without the Avengers. He attended university where his own professors discouraged Pym's use of his own imagination and inventing things for fun by being told that he would never invent anything that would impact the world.C., Infinite Avengers Mansion; Captive aboard a Skrull ship; Avengers Mansion, Manhattan, New York City, New York I believe in the Avengers. He married Maria Trovaya, a brave and beautiful young woman who had been a political dissident in her native Hungary, from which she had fled.

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Unseen, Pym donned the cybernetic helmet and protective costume and, using his reducing formula, shrank himself to the size of an ant.

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