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It was three o’clock on February 12, 2010, and thirteen professors and staff members in the biology department had crowded into a windowless conference room on the third floor of the Shelby Center for Science and Technology.

The department chair, a plant biologist named Gopi Podila, distributed a printed agenda.

Moriarity had voted against Bishop’s receiving tenure, and Bishop knew it, but they had remained cordial, and Bishop had confided in Moriarity about her professional despair. Moriarity reassured her that she would find another position. During the meeting, she made a mental note to ask Bishop how her search for a new job was going. Then, just as the meeting was concluding, she stood up, pulled out the gun, a 9-mm. Next, Bishop turned and shot Adriel Johnson, a cell biologist.

People screamed and ducked for cover, but Bishop was blocking the only door. ” Bishop looked down—then turned the gun on Moriarity.. Moriarity crawled past Bishop and into the hallway; Bishop followed her, repeatedly squeezing the trigger.

Bishop was sitting next to him, in a spot by the door. Bishop was forty-five, with a long, pale face framed by dark hair that she wore in a pageboy, her bangs slashed just above her small blue eyes.

She was normally a vocal participant in departmental meetings, but on this occasion she was silent, and she appeared to be brooding.

If a show features two highly intelligent characters of similar age and compatible sexual orientation, chances are they'll end up together. altogether, and proceed somewhat more smoothly than whatever other characters may be in a relationship, thus often turning them into a Beta Couple.

He was in many ways her opposite: born Sotir Papazoglos, he was raised by immigrants in a Greek enclave of Somerville.

He joined the Air Force in 1954 and later changed his name to Sam Bishop.

Oleg: It is rare that I find an intellectual equal. It's common for such relationships to start cleanly and quickly, avoiding Will They or Won't They?

Bishop, a neurobiologist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, sat down at the conference table just moments before the faculty meeting began.

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There was an obvious explanation: a year earlier, the department had denied Bishop’s bid for tenure, and her protracted and increasingly desperate efforts to appeal the decision had been fruitless.