Western isles dating

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Western isles dating

So let us introduce you properly - as the locals say, fàilte gu Steòrnabhagh!For many, Stornoway is the main entry point to Lewis and Harris, which together make up the largest island in the Outer Hebrides.When you arrive in Stornoway, you just know you're about to begin an unforgettable Hebridean adventure.The harbour town is the portal to discovering a dramatic island landscape, rich in natural and historical heritage, and it's the epicentre of Gaelic culture.As for Barabhas, a small-scale excavation of one of the sites eroding from Barvas machair (a coastal sand landscape) confirmed it to be the remains of a Viking-Age settlement.The remains of at least two sub-rectangular domestic structures with double-skinned stone-and-turf walls were exposed, alongside a rich midden deposit.Steatite (also known assoapstone) bowl fragments excavated from near the rectangular structure confirm its likely Viking-Age date.Steatite artefacts recovered from the pre-Norse contexts in the Western Isles are rare and confined to typologies of other stone artefacts typical of the Iron Age.

Travel tip: Communities in Lewis and Harris follow a strong religious observance on Sundays, meaning that most shops and businesses are closed on that day.

There are two likely reasons for this under-representation.

First, in contrast to circular and cellular prehistoric structures, the ruins of rectilinear buildings typical of the Viking Age cannot be easily distinguished from later medieval and post-medieval structures.

Secondly, it is likely that many of the farms and settlements established by early Norse settlers have survived to the present day, with the earliest phases obscured by subsequent activity.

To date, only two sites on Lewis have been securely identified as Viking settlements – the sites of Barvas/Barabhas and Bosta/Bostadh.

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Already know Lewis and Harris is the island for you? Accommodation in Lewis, Harris & Stornoway Explore the Outer Hebrides Stornoway i Centre DIscover North Uist Discover South Uist Discover Benbecula Discover Barra Sign up for our emails Lewis and Harris is in fact one landmass, with Harris situated at the southern end and Lewis in the north, but often they are referred to as two separate islands.

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