Weed friendly dating

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If you choose edibles, start with a low dose and go slow.

Everyone will experience edibles differently in regards to onset, effects, and duration.

You’ve already got the giggles — so go to a place where people won’t stare you down for laughing, you freaks.

Most of these shows are in great local bars, breweries, and restaurants, so your cures for cottonmouth and the munchies are close at hand.

If you’re not the best conversationalist (or you’re just too high), don’t worry!

Talking is not allowed, and after the date, you can chat about the show.

Connect with people who enjoy the same things, make friends, find dates, hangouts, or hookups.

According to Ok Cupid data, nearly 33% of Ok Cupid users said that their ideal partner is someone who smokes weed regularly, while over 56% are looking for someone who smokes occasionally—meaning a significant chunk of daters are okay with occasionally smokin’ the reefer.

Ingestion Method: Weed is all about sharing, so at these events there’s a little bit of everything to go around.

Watching movies while you’re stoney baloney is a ton of fun, but sometimes paying attention to the plot can be a bit difficult; that’s why art installations will feed your visual cravings and leave room for discussion, and probably some giggling, without requiring you to stay focused on a storyline.

If it’s the first date, what your date laughs at can also give you a peek into their personality. These strains tend to give you energy and help stimulate creativity. Ingestion Method: Smoke a joint before you head in, but don’t be afraid to put it out after a few hits. You’d be surprised by how many people actually use it—yet, because of legal reasons, there’s not the same open social culture as there is with alcohol.

Over the past four or five years, however, weed activist groups have put together a myriad of social gatherings like pop-up weed gardens, cannabis dinners, and other public events and parties.

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Strain Suggestion: Sweet Skunk is one of my favorite strains, and would be great for a 420 date night.

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