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Shelbies are also capable of knowing if it is talking to a Furby or another Shelby, saying phrases such as "Where's Furby?

"—though they cannot differentiate between a Furby and a Furby Baby—they just assume it is a Furby.

In a sure display of the demand for the toy, some sellers scammed people out of a great sum of money, without even having first given them a Furby.

Parental battles, arguments, and fights increased rapidly as supplies dwindled, and when retail supplies ran out, parents turned to the Internet, where Furbies could be purchased for two, three, or more multiples of their retail price.

Furbies start out speaking entirely Furbish, a language with short words, simple syllables, and various other sounds.

They are programmed, however, to speak less and less Furbish and more and more English as they "grow".

They also have an extended vocabulary and different "Easter eggs" and "games" built into them. All have white eyelashes and one of six different eyecolors.

Dave Hampton and Caleb Chung spent nine months creating the Furby (in addition to nine months spent designing the toy).

Over 40 million Furbies were sold during the three years of its original production, with 1.8 million sold in 1998, and 14 million in 1999.

Its speaking capabilities were translated into 24 languages.

They also have sensors that can sense loud sounds, can sense being upside down (they say things like "Shiver me timbers" and "Walk the plank" when you leave them upside-down for an extended period of time), and they laugh when you "tickle" them (their antennae – or "tennies", as they like to call them). You can feed them by sticking your finger in their mouth.

Similarly, Shelbies do not have their own names, unlike the classic Furbies.

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Some people continue to call their Furbies by the terms "wedding Furby", "tuxedo Furby", "snowball Furby", "biker Furby", among others.