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Fellow, comrade: probably the same as the English country-word baw, bor.

Baba (grandmother,old woman,hag); Baba Yaga, the female demon of the Steppes.

Possible, it is possible: astis mangue, I can; astis lengue, they can.

An affix by which the future tense of a verb is formed, e.g.

To filch, steal in an artful manner by bending down. Bloen / Blowing, A cant word, but of Gypsy origin, signifying a sister in debauchery, as Pal denotes a brother in villainy. A shepherd: bokkar-engro drey, the dude, man in the moon. In Spanish Germania or cant, two ochavos, or farthings, are called: dui cales. Shillings: dui collor a crookos, two shillings a week.

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