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Posted by / 13-Dec-2019 02:12

I find that by turning off a lot features you can speed up the response time of Visual Studio and improve your productivity.

My Microsoft Visual Studio seemed to be taking far too long to perform even the simplest of operations.

These server side validation errors are displayed after a post back in the validation summary control.

Vendor prefixes are used by browser vendors to add new CSS features that may not yet been finalized in the official CSS specs.

While the –moz and –webkit prefixes are required today, they may not be required tomorrow. In the past, vendor prefixes were required to support border-radius.

Today, border-radius is officially part of the CSS specs and is supported by all major browsers.

I Googled around and tried a few ideas that people had such as disabling add-ins or clearing Visual Studio's recent projects list but those suggestions didn't seem to solve the problem.

I remembered that the Windows Sys Internals website had a tool called Process Monitor that would sniff registry and file accesses by any running program.

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I like when my IDE tells me I’m doing something wrong.

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