Virtual dating games with real people

Posted by / 02-Dec-2019 18:02

Virtual dating games with real people

Soon, our kids are going to have access to machines that can completely and convincingly take over all their perceptions, providing experiences that we can’t even imagine.

Suffice to say, the generation gap is going to be enormous.

The lack of these things is one of the primary contributors to the demise of long term relationships. Conveying touch over the Internet is something that people have put a lot of work into over the years, although none of it measures up to the standard set by virtual reality glasses.

There’s a jacket that can simulate the pressure of a hug.

Well, VR is going to disrupt What will that look like?

All of this could happen without the two of you being anywhere near each other.

You could go on a date with someone in France or China.

There’s been serious work done on that problem, too.

A number of sex toy makers have started developing computer-controlled sex toys that can be linked to other sex toys via the Internet.

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Current VR, focused on sight, sound, and motion wouldn’t be enough.