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Vba excel screenupdating

To overcome this issue we can employ some help from Excel VBA and makes use of Excel's Change Events. Just be aware this code is only designed to track and record user changes to one cell at a time. Horizontal Alignment = xl Center End With 'Copy the data from our query into Excel '*************************************** o Excel Wr Sht. Copy From Recordset rs 'Some formatting to make things pretty! I’ve left it in place should it be useful to you and also to illustrate how easily you can perform other automations at the same time as performing the export (show some of the syntax). While there is Worksheet protection applied to Sheet1, Excel's Worksheet protection is rather weak so the hiding of the sheet is an added measure. Track/Report User Changes on 1 Particular Worksheet. The code below must be placed in the Private Module of the Worksheet you would like changes tracked and logged. Range("A1: E1") = Array("CELL CHANGED", "OLD VALUE", _ "NEW VALUE", "TIME OF CHANGE", "DATE OF CHANGE") End If With .

See "Features that are unavailable in shared workbooks" in the Excel help for details.

' ' Input Variables: ' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ' rs : Recordset object to export to excel ' ' Usage: ' ~~~~~~ ' Call Export Recordset2XLS(Me.

Recordset Clone) ' ' Revision History: ' Rev Date(yyyy/mm/dd) Description ' ************************************************************************************** ' 1 2017-Mar-13 Initial Release '--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function Export Recordset2XLS(By Val rs As DAO.

To easily get there right click on the sheet name tab and choose View Code.

In here paste the code below; 1 Then Exit Sub On Error Resume Next With Application . Enable Events = False End With If Is Empty(v Old Val) Then v Old Val = "Empty Cell" b Bold = Target.

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