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Vampire diaries paul dating

After she is freed from his control, she starts dating Elena's ex, Matt - which isn't especially good for her inferiority complex.Caroline eventually falls in love with Tyler Lockwood and the two develop a romantic relationship.She's The Vampire Diaries star that split from husband Matt Kaplan in April.

Caroline is a similarly rich and privileged young woman.

Elena reassessed her priorities following the death of her parents in a car crash of which she was the only survivor.

Elena fatefully meets a handsome, mysterious new student, Stefan Salvatore and feels an instant and undeniable connection with him.

but also cruel and capricious, and capable of killing on a whim.

For the first season, Damon was the series' Antagonist, but has reverted his status to help Stefan and protect Elena.

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As of the season two finale Stefan reverted back to his darker side, the Ripper, in order to save Damon from dying from a fatal werewolf bite.