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Validating xml against dtd

web-based converter from W3C XML Schema to RELAX NG. The simple syntax is a minimal subset of the XML syntax defined by the RELAX NG specification, into which any RELAX NG schema can be transformed. rng2srng, a tool to convert RELAX NG (XML or compact syntax) into the simple syntax. Trang aims to produce human-understandable schemas; it tries to preserve all aspects of the input schema that may be significant to a human reader, including the definitions, the way the schema is divided into files, annotations and comments.

Uses the Xerces Native Interface (XNI) to convert DTD into an XML document, which can then be converted into other formats. Proof of concept implementation of the idea of embedding XML processing pipelines in a grammar. Maneki Neko, Xerces parser configuration that supports RELAX NG validation. Open source (GPL for compiler, BSD license for generated code, LGPL for runtime libraries). Tool for generating Java source code from a given RELAX NG grammar. Licence: ASL 2.0 xmloperator, an XML editor, suitable for editing data oriented documents. Open source (GPL for compiler, public domain for generated code). Firedocs is a browser based wysiwyg-xml-editor that has schema-driven auto-complete and uses Jing for validation. Topologi Collaborative Markup Editor, XML editor including support for RELAX NG.

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RELAX NG DTD Compatibility, OASIS Committee Specification, 3 December 2001. Reports on arguments advanced as to why RELAX NG is preferable to W3C XML Schema, in the context of IETF discussions on XML. Paper discussing the thinking behind the design of RELAX NG.

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