Updating tvants

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Updating tvants

A correct cache MUST respond to a request with the most up-to-date response held by the cache that is appropriate to the request (see sections 13.2.5, 13.2.6, and 13.12) which meets one of the following conditions: 2. In the default case, this means it meets the least restrictive freshness requirement of the client, origin server, and cache (see section 14.9); if the origin server so specifies, it is the freshness requirement of the origin server alone.

If a stored response is not "fresh enough" by the most restrictive freshness requirement of both the client and the origin server, in carefully considered circumstances the cache MAY still return the response with the appropriate Warning header (see section 13.1.5 and 14.46), unless such a response is prohibited (e.g., by a "no-store" cache-directive, or by a "no-cache" cache-request-directive; see section 14.9).

Caching would be useless if it did not significantly improve performance.

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The warning allows clients to take appropriate action.

Warnings MAY be used for other purposes, both cache-related and otherwise.

A cache SHOULD NOT attempt to revalidate a response simply because that response became stale in transit; this might lead to an infinite loop.

A user agent that receives a stale response without a Warning MAY display a warning indication to the user.

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