Updating phpchat

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Updating phpchat

When I go to the demo page (/sites/all/modules/phpfreechat/phpfreechat/demo/) and pick the any demo, I get bunch of errors (please note that I replaced my root folder with [mysiteroot]): Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: Permission denied in [mysiteroot]/sites/all/modules/phpfreechat/phpfreechat/src/on line 150 Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: No such file or directory in [mysiteroot]/sites/all/modules/phpfreechat/phpfreechat/src/on line 150 Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: Permission denied in [mysiteroot]/sites/all/modules/phpfreechat/phpfreechat/src/on line 150 Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: No such file or directory in [mysiteroot]/sites/all/modules/phpfreechat/phpfreechat/src/on line 150 php Free Chat cannot be initialized, please correct these errors: * [mysiteroot]/sites/all/modules/phpfreechat/phpfreechat/src/../data/private is not writeable * [mysiteroot]/sites/all/modules/phpfreechat/phpfreechat/src/../data/private/cache can't be created * [mysiteroot]/sites/all/modules/phpfreechat/phpfreechat/src/../data/private/cache is not writeable * [mysiteroot]/sites/all/modules/phpfreechat/phpfreechat/src/../data/private/cache is not readable * cannot create [mysiteroot]/sites/all/modules/phpfreechat/phpfreechat/src/../data/public/themes/default * cannot create [mysiteroot]/sites/all/modules/phpfreechat/phpfreechat/src/../data/public/themes/default * [mysiteroot]/sites/all/modules/phpfreechat/phpfreechat/src/../data/private/chat can't be created * [mysiteroot]/sites/all/modules/phpfreechat/phpfreechat/src/../data/private/chat is not writeable * [mysiteroot]/sites/all/modules/phpfreechat/phpfreechat/src/../data/private/chat is not readable * [mysiteroot]/sites/all/modules/phpfreechat/phpfreechat/src/../data/private/chat/s_df6c1052a9a8dce030dbf2a8746b13cf can't be created * [mysiteroot]/sites/all/modules/phpfreechat/phpfreechat/src/../data/private/chat/s_df6c1052a9a8dce030dbf2a8746b13cf is not writeable * [mysiteroot]/sites/all/modules/phpfreechat/phpfreechat/src/../data/private/chat/s_df6c1052a9a8dce030dbf2a8746b13cf is not readable FIXED IT FOR D.10 1.move files to sites/files (I does not load in sites/default. $Scripts variable must be at the top of phpno its not, i never had any version of chat, tried it localy and online and had same CHAT LOADING....Oh, also I did notice that something with this chat conflicts with the DHTML menu module -- the DHTML doesn't work on the page. It is a little bit different, though: i can access it from localhost and it works fine, but shows chat loading from another pc... EDIT: i noticed that when i connect from other computers it still tries to connect to "localhost" at some point... Permutations did an amazing job with this module, but unfortunately phpfreechat has to be re-written for current standards (JQuerry, AHAH, etc)... PHPFree Chat and Flash Chat are the only free ones worth their weight in gold! The icons don't show up, changed the base_url in settings.php, chat keeps saying loading... Spend hours looking for the problem, without any luck. uninstalled phpfreechat module deleted the following maps: ..../sites/all/modules/phpfreechat ..../sites/default/files/phpfreechat deleted every chatnode reinstalled phpfreechat module and phpfreechat 1.2. thx to permutations for bringing phpfreechat to drupal 6! I suspect that most of the problems people are having are due to not fully uninstalling the previous version of php Free Chat before installing the new one.so i tried to change to my server's ip address every reference to "localhost" in phpfreechat code (src/containers/mysql.(even though i think it is useless) and src/commands/connect.class.php). thanks Causes errors in JScript Tools when Tabs is enabled, and also when Google Analytics is used. The above fix works for all other browsers, but only for a certain period of time. I have no other information except that the above plugins may conflict with the newest version of the chat. i have an other local server in windows but the icons isnt showing neither. #12 you're speaking about flash chat, is this a module for drupal 6, because i can't find it. I warn to do this in install.txt, but it's a pain so people probably don't. I am on Drupal 6.10 with multisite installation (sub-site where I'm trying to install php Free Chat is called "collaboration"), using Firefox 3.0.8, on PHP 5.2.I believe that is does work, at least up to 6.9 or so.

I've installed the module, created a content type, all the normal steps, and get stuck at Chat Loading, Please Wait. A little playing with params and it works just fine; spent A LOT less time making it work on it's own than I did with the module.Added new content type called Chat and setup "Always" to add chat to this content type nodes. The php Free Chat frame is automatically added there but is says "Chat loading.Please wait" and nothing happens for minutes on end (I think I waited about 15min).This Mod plugin displays a chat (using phpfreechat) in a wiki page.php Free Chat is a free, simple to install, fast, customizable and multi languages chat that uses a simple filesystem for message and nickname storage.

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