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By storing important administrative information centrally, you can make ensure consistency of that data, increase flexibility for the users by allowing them to move from host to host in a transparent way, and make the system administrator's life much easier by maintaining a single copy of information to maintain when required.

We previously discussed an important example of this concept that is used on the Internet -- the Domain Name System (DNS).

The recommendation is to take copies of these files and store edited versions in an appropriate file system directory (e.g. Unfortunately there is no standard directory for this purpose.

Each task is followed by the command or commands necessary when using local files (e.g. It is often recommended that the files in the /etc directory should not be used as the source files for a NIS system.Similarly, you can use NIS to distribute the hostname information from /etc/hosts to all machines on the network.NIS is based on RPC, and comprises a server, a client-side library, and several administrative tools.Moreover, if you manage only a small LAN with no Internet connectivity, setting up DNS may not seem to be worth the trouble. NIS provides generic database access facilities that can be used to distribute, for example, information contained in the passwd and groups files to all hosts on your network.This makes the network appear as a single system, with the same accounts on all hosts.

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