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Updating gsa schedule

Listing your GSA Contract Number on all GSA sales quotes is required because it allows the purchaser to be able to reference your contract to make sure they are getting the correct price.Failure to do so can lead to uneasiness from GSA as to your business practices.Failure to renew the Digital Certificates of the Authorized Negotiators on your GSA contract could result in all negotiations held after the expiration to be invalid.

This registration lasts for only a year and companies often forget to renew their registration.

This is not only a compliance requirement, but it shows that your contract is up-to-date.

Companies often fail to recognize this and in doing so, portray improper GSA Terms and Conditions for their contract.

When the modification is awarded, the company must perform a Schedule Input Program (SIP) Upload.

This upload updates the company’s GSA Advantage profile.

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This is why it is crucial to list your Prompt Payment Discount on your invoices so you can keep your customers well informed.

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