Updating drivers in dyne bolic 19 and 22 dating

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Updating drivers in dyne bolic

open SUSE The open SUSE community distribution is supported by SUSE.

open SUSE was opened for community development with the release of SUSE Linux 10.0, dated October 6, 2005.

Debian users who want a more current desktop distribution are encouraged to use the testing branch, which is where the next stable release (currently codenamed Buster aka 10.0) is prepared and which should normally be quite stable.

Debian Developers and users who want to live on the bleeding edge can run the unstable branch (Sid) or even try packages from experimental.

Still supported: Fedora 26 (released July 11, 2017) and Fedora 27 (released November 14, 2017).

open SUSE used to offer a new release every 8 months with 18 months of support, but now offers two options.

Tumbleweed uses a rolling release model that updates to the latest stable software, with frequent snapshots.

They generally support several architectures and are translated into multiple languages.

Some come from companies that supply service and support contracts for their products, others are community projects. Google backs Android, which can be found in the wild in phones, tablets and other devices.

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In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy this celebration of Linux diversity, with over 500 distributions; large and small, specialized and generalized, old and new.