Updating db from xml speed dating design method

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Updating db from xml

Load Runner didn't recognize XML responses issued by Javascript on the client (41308) However v8.1 185MB FP4 offered with the "Web (Click and Script)" protocol for new scripts.

AJAX presents a problem because more and more web apps (such as maps.google.com) make use of AJAX (Asychronous Javascript and XML) techniques and encryption.

Protocols Use Vu Gen to generate a sequence of script code by Recording the application according to the sequence of screens and user steps specified in your business processes list.

I can sort actions only within the multi-protocol UI.

[Msg Id: MERR-22981] Error: Failed to get JRE version.

Check that your PATH environment variable contains When you open a new script, the name of the script is, by default, noname1.

//-------------------------- // Global Variables #endif // _GLOBALS_H When Vu Gen compiles a script, it creates a file named "pre_cci.ci" which contains code from all actions and include files.

This is why syntax errors refer to "not writing pre_cci.ci".

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Immediately after recording, copy the "Generation Log" to a text file in a different folder than the script you are working on. You'll need the file to see exactly what went to and back from the server.