Updating a dated kitchen

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Updating a dated kitchen

Which leads me to my next point:2) I often tell my clients, ‘Good design advice from an experienced professional makes sense even if you are far from being an expert yourself’.If the advice you are getting does not ring true for you, do your research and pay for another consultation.

Get the look: brass elephant (, amazon.com), brass giraffe (, amazon.com)BUY NOWRid the bedroom of anything that isn't conducive to relaxation or romance.

The following is for Laurie who asked:“I’d appreciate a post on how to find a color specialist in my area. What are questions I should ask when talking to a color specialist about working together?

I once hired a designer for assistance in selecting colors and just as you described in your post, “The Three Most Important Words in A Color Consultation”, all I ended up with is a bunch of colors.

Replace old drawer handles and pulls with decorative ones.

This low-effort trick adds personality and style to nondescript or inexpensive furniture.

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What can I do to make all this color combination much more pleasing to the eye?

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