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Couchbase Lite keeps track of the change history of every document, as a series of revisions.

This is somewhat like a version control system such as Git or Subversion, although its main purpose is not to be able to access old data, but rather to assist the replicator in deciding what data to sync and what documents have conflicts.

if Properties(properties, error: &error) == nil object, whose properties are a mutable copy of the current ones.

The IDs of past revisions are available, and the contents of past revisions may be available, but only if the revision was created locally and the database has not yet been compacted.if Properties(properties, error: &error) == nil , just as you would to retrieve an existing document.If the document doesn't exist yet, you still get a valid Document object, it just doesn't have any revisions or contents yet.Whichever way you save changes, you need to consider the possibility of update conflicts.Couchbase Lite uses Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC) to guard against simultaneous changes to a document.

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The following example shows how to create a document with an automatically-assigned UUID: NSString* owner = [@"profile:" string By Appending String: user Id]; NSDictionary* properties = @; CBLDocument* document = [database create Document]; NSError* error; if (!