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Japanese authorities installed Japanese based educational and land-management reforms throughout the country, known as “forced assimilation.” Koreans suffered tremendous oppression and heavy death tolls under Japanese military rule.

A famous uprising in 1919 is canonized as a holiday each March 1.

The two Koreas have officially been at war since 1950, although there has rarely been any shooting since 1953. Nevertheless, as Korean teenagers enter this period in history, this map symbolizes perhaps the most optimistic time in Korean history in over 100 years.

In 1990, Koreans looked with tremendous interest when the Berlin Wall came down, and East and West Germany came together to re-form a nation divided for 45 years.

So, yes, the map of a unified Korea represents the bringing together of two countries, but many people in Korea see it as a reunion of members of one family.

South Korea is otherwise surrounded by water, and all access to the rest of the world must be by boat or airplane.

The North also had support of the Chinese military.

The US military retained steadfast supporters of Democracy in South Korea.

1910-1945 AD Colonialism under Japan Marked by the abdication of Korean emperor Sunjong and the taking over of power by the Japanese.

The border between South and North Korea is still closed, and North Korea remains one of the most isolated and secretive nations on Earth.

Furthermore, due to the US military presence in South Korea, US citizens are rarely permitted into North Korea.

1945-1950 AD Origins of the Korean War Marked by Japan’s surrender due to the dropping of the US atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

Forces from the Soviet Union then swept through Manchuria and North Korea, taking the territory north of the 38 parallel.

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First, it’s important to understand what the word “teen” means by Korean standards.