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Today Lind is broadly to the Left (he was originally a neoconservative), but he stands strongly against the sort of arguments promoted by Matt Stoller in How Democrats Killed Their Populist Soul.

Stoller is an heir to the populist tradition in the Democratic party which goes back to Thomas Jefferson, but famously crystalized under Andrew Jackson.

What we need are technological tools which will allow for surreptitious private candid freethought in a public world dominated by social credit and conformity due to authoritarianism.

Demagogues may persecute those who speak uncomfortable truths for the sake of the body politic, but if these people are discreet they surely have a role in to play in the great game of mass manipulation that will probably become much more advanced as this century proceeds.

They are constrained by the system, they do not create it. Technology has to work with our nature, not against it.

This cunning is why he is a successful entrepreneur, and not an affluent lawyer on staff at a major tech firm.

The reality is that many of our institutions are already quite corrupt.

And yet it is also true that privately many people who lie in public exhibit virtue and common sense.

In a way, the peer-review system has some of these features, but it is rather slow and calcified at this point. * Christians reverse the disappearance of God through the incarnation, but that’s a different thing altogether.

Back when this domain received about 15 or 20 percent of the traffic it now receives there were many more commenters. One of the reasons the Sepia Mutiny weblog was shutdown was that as the commentariat withered after 2007 there was less motivation to keep a community going (there was none).

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The aim here was to share an intimacy, titillate, not create a permanent record.

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