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Twitter dating site

Once a user gets through the verification on the internet, a colorful V is appended to their username.

An orange V is for people, while a blue one is for organizations and companies.

On 7 April 2011, replaced as the new domain used by the website. According to i Research's report on 30 March 2011, Sina Weibo had 56.5% of China's microblogging market based on active users and 86.6% based on browsing time over competitors such as Tencent Weibo and Baidu's services.

Due to its popularity, the media sometimes directly uses "Weibo" to refer to Sina Weibo.

However, there are other Chinese microblogging/weibo services including Tencent Weibo (腾讯微博), Sohu Weibo (搜狐微博), and Net Ease Weibo (网易微博)。 After the July 2009 Ürümqi riots, China shut down most of the domestic microblogging services including the first weibo service Fanfou.

Many popular non-China-based microblogging services like Twitter, Facebook, and Plurk have been blocked from viewing since then.

Sina's CEO Charles Chao considered this to be an opportunity.

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When the number of microblogs reaches a threshold, users can apply for the verification of "Weibo Master".