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The meeting began with a detailed report from the NDACC Data Host Facility (DHF) on the status of data archiving and on data utilization.This was followed by reports from the NDACC Instrument Working Groups (IWGs).Details on the original organizational structure of NDSC, an assessment of the first 10 years of NDSC operations, and the transition of NDSC to NDACC follow.Additional information is provided on the continuing evolution of NDACC, its current measurement capabilities, and the role of NDACC Cooperating Networks.

The article continues with a section on “The Path Forward” in which the network’s organizational flexibility, data access improvements, and data quality assurance activities are described.As in the past, these reports highlighted IWG activities and/or meetings during the past year, summarized NDACC measurement and analysis activities and recent accomplishments, reviewed the status of proposals (received and pending) seeking NDACC measurement affiliation, and outlined possible new sites for consideration.While there are some cases where data archiving is not up to date, these are becoming smaller in number due to the proactive involvement of the various IWG Co-Chairs and the DHF Manager in contacting the people responsible for data submission from the various sites and assisting them in resolving any issues associated with such submission.A global network of stations using Dobson and Brewer spectrophotometer have been monitoring the status of the ozone layer during several decades.Corresponding calibration systems have been developed to ensure the good and constant data quality in this network, which enables the scientific society to detect the depletion of the ozone layer and the Antarctic ozone hole in the 80ties.

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The annual meeting of the international Steering Committee (SC) for NDACC was held from October 17 to 21 in Bremen, Germany at the University of Bremen Guesthouse ‘Teerhof’.

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