Tom tom gps never need updating

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But, whatever, it's not a good look for Garmin (assuming that there are going to be no further updates.For all I know Sensis haven't updated their maps since earlier this year and 2012.20 is the latest update) and even if their conditions hold up and complaints go nowhere, at the very least a lot of people would not buy another Garmin. In my 13 years with this boat I haven't had to do a thing with it. "Was sitting in a backyard covered, all original equipment, aired up the tires, replaced the battery, gas and treatment, fired right up and ran great! I'm keeping it and want to restore it."25 Yamaha T1, 12" Slidemaster, Lowrance HDS7, HDS5, Minn Kota 36V. "Second Skeeter, love these boats and love Yamahas. I bought this one new and have upgraded some things. "Just went from the 23M prop to the 25M, lowered rpms but didn't really gain any top end speed. "25 Tempest, 12" Slidemaster, Humminbird 898C SI, Eagle 640C, Minn Kota 101# TM. Never played with jackplate or anything, lucky factory boat."25 Yamaha, 10" jackplate, Humminbird 887si, Lowrance X135, Minn Kota Maxxum 80#. "This boat is setup perfect for the tournament fisherman.

Garmin make a good product but their definition of 'lifetime' is not mine, and I doubt it would be that of ACCC. from what I recall at the that it was lifetime of the device (ie, device dies, thats the lifetime)... tough luck" The 'change of map provider' condition is in Garmin's promotional T&Cs, in addition to the 'life of the device.' The issue would come down to what's a reasonable expectation of 'lifetime' in relation to the product.

Please email suggestions."25 VMax prop, 12" Bob's hydraulic, Humminbird 798, 727, Minn Kota 80#. "27 Yamaha T1, manual jackplate, Lowrance LCX27c, LMS480, Motorguide Digital Tour 109#. "This makes my second Skeeter and in my opinion they are the best on the water. "Great boat, love the amount of room and speed and handling. I know these are heavier boats, but there has to be something I can do to get my speed closer to 60 mph. Big front deck makes it easy to fish 2 people off the front."223 prop, 12" jackplate, Lowrance HDS5, X135, Minn Kota TM. If anyone can help with suggestions on what I might be able to do to get the speed on up there that would be great. Do I need to go back to a Yamaha prop and if so which one?

Would like to get a little more speed, if anyone has any info please email me."25 Yamaha, manual jackplate, Humminbird electronics, Minn Kota TM. Has run best speed of 67.3 gps tourny load, 3/4 tank fuel and just me in it. Any advice is welcome, thank you."25 TH1, 12" Slidemaster, Humminbird 998, 798, Minn Kota 101#. "This boat has run at 74 mph once with little load. I was counting on this thing being a lot faster and I'm frustrated. One day it's 71, the next with the same weight onboard it might crack 68. "Just picked it up 3/3/2011, still playing with it to see where it runs the best. That's with all tackle and 2 aboard, livewells full, still working to get more out of it."25 Yamaha T1, 12" Slidemaster, Humminbird 797 c2 SI, Lowrance 332, Motorguide Digital TR82#. I've run Fury props and Tempest Plus and didn't see any improvements."25 Tempest Plus, 12" jackplate, Lowrance HDS7 front, HDS8 console, Motorguide 80#. I feel loaded with a half tank of gas it should run in the mid 60's. "27 Tempest Plus, 12" Slidemaster, Lowrance 520C GPS, 135, Minn Kota Maxxum Pro 80#.

23 Michigan Wheel 4 blade, HB859ci DI HD, HB859ci HD, MK Fortrex 101#. "I don't feel I'm getting the optimum speed based on my current setup. "Raker prop, Walker jackplate, Motorguide Great White 67#. "Just got boat Jan.'15, still needs some work, rewiring all gauges and getting it ready for spring time coming. Hydraulic steering a a motor massaged by Second Effort Performance make handling a breeze."25M Yamaha, 12" Slidemaster, Humminbird 998c, 898c, Motorguide 109# Tour Edition. ) Any suggestions would be great."25 SS prop, 6" manual jackplate. "Love the boat, just wondering if anyone can give me any suggestions on how to get my boat running a little closer to 70 or more, maybe different prop? 4 bank onboard charger, only thing left to do is radio and speakers before spring comes around."25 FXP, 12" Slidemaster, Humminbird 998, 788, Minn Kota Fortrex 101#. A little squirrely at 74.6 but 65-70 handle like a dream. "Picking up my new leftover 2011 ZX190 (Nov.12/11), I'm not sure if I will be able to start break in of motor until after spring thaw. Toptal motor rebuild"Lowrance 334, 135, Minn Kota Maxx Pro 80#. Have been amazed at the performance and reliability of this setup! "25 Yamaha T1, 12" Slidemaster, Lowrance HDS 7, X37, Minn Kota Pro 101#.

Nice little boat and fun to fish out of."23 Yamaha Pro, Lowrance HDS5, Elite5, Motorguide Tour. "It had a 9.5" jackplate but was too much for it, recently removed it and gained more speed and better handling in rough water, love it! Love this boat, runs great super stable but feel I should go faster. "26 Turbo FXP, 12" Atlas hydraulic, Lowrance HDS8 Gen2, HDS10 Gen2, Minn Kota Fortrex 101# 52" shaft. "One week old (7/8/13), just now have 7 hours on the 250 SHO. I'm a 30 year Ranger/Evinrude owner, this is my first Skeeter. Haven't adjust from factory setting, don't know if I need to."26 Laser II, 5" CMC jamual jackplate. Any suggestions, do you have to drive this boat to get it to lay down? Interested to see what speed I will be able to get up to. I plan on keeping it for a few years and have immediate plans for 2 HDS and Fortrex.

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Runs consistently 65.5 livewells full 2 people full tanks."22 Stiletto Bay Pro II 4 blade, Motorguide 50#. Compression is 110 across the board, seems low for a motor with approx.120 hours. Right now tournament loaded with a partner it will run around 63 mph.