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Taboo chat

Chic Chat enables women to connect with one another, share stories and information, and aims to extend relevant conversations often deemed taboo.Curating this platform with all women in mind, it serves as a place that is approachable and relatable and provides a voice for all.“What shocked them most was that we were the same age as them.This excited them immensely, because we were showing them that girls in the same country as them and of the same ages were doing something so daring and out-of-the-ordinary.” But that inaugural visit to Swani also made Selah and Bella see how devastatingly deep the shame surrounding menstruation ran for Kenyan girls.

Their goal was to break this taboo, while addressing the lack of access to sanitary products, as both push far too many underprivileged Kenyan girls to drop out of primary school, limiting their potential and perpetuating the cycle of poverty.Consequently a girl is much more likely to do more poorly on yearly exams that can determine whether she proceeds to secondary school (high school), and that’s if she doesn’t drop out, altogether.” Over the last two years, Selah and Bella have since organized and made 6 sanitary towel distribution visits to two primary schools in Murang’a county, and have grown their Project Imagine team to a small, but mighty force of six that now includes Melissa Askew (age 15), Hanna Irish (age 15), Marie Vandermeulen (age 15), and Vanessa Mutai (age 14).This past June they also gained the support of an adult advisor, Meg Mc Nulty, who is an early childhood development expert from Seattle, Washington, currently living in Kenya.Many believe that if you insert a tampon or menstrual cup you are indecent and sacrificing your virginity.” She added, “In addition, we use disposable rather than reusable sanitary towels because there is an issue with water supply in the area and reusable sanitary towels require significant water for washing or else they become unhygienic and unsafe for girls to use.” Adding to the impact of their work, Selah and Bella’s school visits go well-beyond a simple product drop-off.Selah stressed that Project Imagine “also takes time to research and understand the problems these girls are going through related to their menstrual cycle so we are able to talk and give them lessons on these topics.” In doing so, they partner with each school’s Head Teacher or Point Teacher to lead small group activities and discussions on hygiene, menstrual health, and caring for their bodies.

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No Girl’s Night is complete without a glass of wine, so prepare for a roller coaster of emotions, digging deep into the journey’s of women of all kinds. However, we can all connect, relate, and learn from the experiences of one another.

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