System time not updating

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System time not updating

NTP Command descriptions Note: NTP commands are blocked for co-resident Call Server applications (Call Server and Signaling Server applications co-located on a CP PM server).NTP configuration andmanagement are controlled from the Linux Base layer.At the prom, Liberty and Damian sneak off together and make out.We are unapologetic boosters for international dating both because of our staff’s personal experiences, but also because there is a mountain of academic and government research that shows it has helped create a lot happy couples.

As a point of interest; A few weeks later I also tried on a sig server linux box (CPPM) using the - cli "ntpconfig" and configured it from that point.CHG NTP SECURE Configure the parameters used by the Primary and/or Secondary NTP servers in secure mode of operation.CHG NTP AUTHMODE Configure the security mode for the Primary, Secondary,or both, NTP servers.Command Comment CHG NTP IPADDR Configure the IP addresses for the Primary and/or Secondary NTP Servers.CHG NTP THRESH Configure the 3 NTP threshold levels (Minimum, Warning, Maximum).

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Note: To apply Network Time Protocol configuration to all system elements, ensure theconfiguration is done using Element Manager.

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