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Ltd based in Mumbai, a 50/50 joint venture operation between Viacom Inc. MTV India is one of the oldest music television networks in Asia.Music has always been distinctively recognized and acknowledged with respect to India, thus MTV India has been very successful there.According to M: I6 director Christopher Mc Quarrie, Cruise didn’t miss the mark and was always supposed to hit the wall.However, on the fourth take, Cruise hit at a slightly different angle and broke his ankle.

“Production will go on hiatus while Tom makes a full recovery.” The action tentpole remains on schedule to open July 27, 2018.

One of Australia’s biggest egos (not Russell Crowe) took the media world by storm with a chalky, iron Republican fist.

Known for launching Fox news and buying Myspace, Rupert scored himself a brilliant Chinese babe who oversees his empire in the Far East. That way, you can marry a blonde swimsuit model half your age. His want ad read: “Billionaire with Hair seeks Model with a Deep Love of Gold, Teak and Prenups.” Mr.

Kathy Freston hit it big with the coveted Oprah Book push, which in turn led to Mr. He topped it all off by marrying a former Ukrainian beauty queen 45 years younger than himself.

Freston becoming a consultant on her new network startup.

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