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Sql updating tables with foreign keys

If performance of database is degraded, then it will cause worst effect on the whole system.In this article, I will explain some basic database tuning tips that I learned from my experience and from my friends who are working as database administrator.Also, UNION can't work with text datatype because text datatype doesn't support sorting. Because, the bigger size of data type reduces the performance of Index.For example, nvarhcar(10) uses 20 bytes of data and varchar(10) uses 10 bytes of the data. We can also take another example of datetime and int.Use Appropriate Naming Convention The main goal of adopting a naming convention for database objects is to make it easily identifiable by the users, its type, and purpose of all objects contained in the database.A good naming convention decreases the time required in searching for an object.

When we require all the columns of a table, we usually use a “Select *” statement.Here, database tune up is required, otherwise performance of the application will degrade.I know a lot of articles already published on this topic.Database is the most important and powerful part of any application.If your database is not working properly and taking long time to compute the result, this means something is going wrong in database.

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Store image path instead of image itself I found that many developers try to store the image into database instead of the image path.

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