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Speed dating leicester long bar

The latter shed had a nice line up of 60052, 6019, but a rarer shed was the DMU depot at Leith where, much to the annoyance of the local Transport Policeman, Paul had a permit!

60532 ‘Blue Peter’ and Class 24s were on view at St. LEEDS & BRADFORD: At Holbeck Shed in 1958, single and double chimney Black 5s 4477 were side by side for comparison. Time for a couple of interior round house shots featured five locos round the turn table, (1962) with six locos around the table in a 1963 view inside Holbeck.

46115 ‘Scots Guardsman’, with a yellow stripe, was at Bradford in 1965 and DP2 was also in the same city. As the question suggests, lots of spotters were in view.

Thus, in 1957 48318 was admired at Lichfield, a rather dirty 46228 ‘Duchess of Rutland’ and the admiring “oiks” sported duffle bags.

196 ‘Clan Mackenzie’ was handling a goods train whilst in 1963 Burton Jubilee 45557 ‘New Brunswick’ was fairly clean and handling the 08.05 Birmingham service.

Another freight service had the rare combination of 70041 ‘Sir John Moore’ and D5707 with the Co-Bo leading!

Finally two Scots, one being 46160 again were the subject of rapt attention.A trip back in the time machine to Les’s student days in around Southampton we saw 30862 ‘Lord Collingwood’ leaving the docks.Back to the edge of the Peak District saw us at Gowhole in snowy February 1968 with three locos on view – two 8Fs and a Black 5.The earliest reports can be viewed as pdf files by clicking the link below the relevant year's programme list.Please note that there are no reports available between 19, and for 2004, and there are gaps elsewhere, particularly in the early years.

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If you can help to improve the lists or if you spot any errors, please pass on the details through the ' Links' page and then the "Contact BRS" link or pass the information to a BRS Committee Member. Les provided a show with real variety and started off on his “home patch” Edale with a Class 40, (or Tat as I knew them), and at the same location a DMU in the snow. with Les revealing that he’d visited 54 countries during his lifetime.

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