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Before we could even say another word more drinks arrived at the table, and Sugawara-san asked us about our project, very kindly answering our questions about Basie's incredible history. As the flyers out front advertised, it's still a vibrant and functioning live spot in addition to being almost the perfect cafe & bar.Was that poster over there, did Elvin Jones and Freddie Hubbard really play here? Having seen so many gorgeous old jazz cafes close down over the last ten years, it was sincerely a great relief to hear that Basie was still thriving.So we got a lift over to Basie which is a bit closer to Ichinoseki Station, and I started to get excited, nervous, jumpy.Calling ahead to check the opening hours at Basie a few days earlier, my dear Mrs.

My buddy Justin lives up in Iwate and came over to Chusonji to meet me; we had a good catch up while walking around the gorgeous temple grounds, then hopped the train back a few stations to Ichinoseki to pick up Philip and start the day. v=7Mplb B7sdv E&feature=Royce is one of the more unique spots we've visited, and that's saying a lot.

This guy is like a god in the insular world of jazz in Japan, as Basie is now world-famous for its JBL audio system, on top of the decades of great live gigs they've hosted. If Elvin Jones and Freddie Hubbard played in my bar I would be talking of it constantly.

I nervously went over to introduce myself and explain our project, and that I know many friends of acquaintances of his..he smiled broadly, told me to sit down, and call my crew over. Oh sure, I get foreign music people coming here every few weeks or so to take pictures and write about it.the US, Europe.week J-Wave (Japanese radio broadcaster) will be here to interview me and profile the shop.. But it's not just the old days that makes Basie so special.

Nanashima-san insisted on driving us over there, while refusing to take any money for the coffee.

What a star, another kind and gracious host in the jazz world, there have been so many over the last several years; never ceases to amaze me.

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The schedule was tight and I had proposed having an early lunch then getting straight to Basie, but Philip wisely and rightly said since we were here let's try and fit in the Royce Jazz Cafe first, if only for a few minutes. Way far from Ichinoseki station, Royce is a combination small liquor store on the right, jazz cafe on the left. Gonbei Nanashima was surprised when I rang the bell (surprised would be an understatement, more like astonished..) and asked me 'are you here for the jazz? Three tall, lanky foreign guys have taken the bullet train just to come to your fine establishment.