Speed dating 6 02

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Speed dating 6 02

Hi Ilona, We didn't have formal seating arrangements...there were some couches, some seats with tables, while some people opted to talk standing up while drinking coffee.How do you help your scientists make useful new connections and learn about potentially helpful new techniques? It’s much more fun to collect data on all of your conference delegates and use scientific clustering methods and network building algorithms to pair up the scientists in attendance based on their keenest interests. Who works with what (‘known methods’, see figure 1)?So, with much credit in particular to Federico Vaggi (a member of the Csikász-Nagy lab) and his prodigious last minute programming skills, that is what they did. And, who would like to work with what in the future (‘wanted methods’)?

Once you have all your data and a pretty way to look at it you need a set of rules for pairing people up for their dates (This is basically the same thing that happens on most dating websites when they suggest matches for you).We ended the sessions after 15 minutes sharp by ringing a bell, because scientists have this tendency to get carried away when talking about their work! What happens if there is only one-way interest in the collaboration (yikes)?As Jonathan talked about, we had a total of 10 'dates', split into two sets of five, using very different rules. It's just easier to talk about 'speed dating' than 'Minimizing the L2 loss in mutual knowledge space'.Any suggestions for alternative names are very welcome, we got a few suggestions, but they were even more dire (someone at the conference suggested 'forced pairings').

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The idea behind this meeting was to strengthen the research field of cell polarity by allowing some of the main players to get together in a more ‘intimate’ environment to share knowledge and ideas. Now, bearing in mind that this conference is being organised by a collection of scientists with an interest in using computers to solve large scale biological problems, that your group of scientists don’t easily divide into two equal groups and that your organisers are all pretty much a massive collection of bio-computing nerds.

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