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It took some time and patience, but I did find an amazing support system of Spanish and foreign friends.

When I first found out I was the only , or teaching assistant, at my assigned school, I was slightly terrified.

The night Deb and I met in person though, she brought along her roommate, Monica.

Monica invited a girl she had met at our program orientation, Andrea.

If you’re feeling lonely and frustrated about making new friends in your new home, give these tips a try.

I was in Spain for about a month before I made any friends.

The commute to and from my day job was an hour each way, and after finishing up my evening responsibilities with the family’s children, the last thing I wanted to do was venture back into the city to meet people.I also met and went on a few language exchanges-turned dates with a sweet musician, and my confidence in my conversation skills continued to grow.I realized I felt less nervous going on dates with Spanish-speakers because I was so focused on making sure I was communicating correctly that I didn’t have time to worry about the actual dates.The friends you find while living abroad are often unlike any other.During my time in Spain, I was determined to make Spanish friends, but I also deeply connected with Americans and Brits in similar situations as mine, living and working abroad.

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Like most expats, our priorities and values were aligned.