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The big money shows didn't all have their way - celebrity panel games such as I've Got a Secret and Tell the Truth also added to the mix.

But none of these matched the success of Take Your Pick and Double Your Money, which both ran until 1968.

From the late 60s to early 70s, Hughie Green's long-running talent show Opportunity Knocks finally began to hit the ratings top 20, thanks to some long run commissions.

It would not be until 1993 that it was possible to give away unlimited prizes - until then, the top limit was around £6,000 per show.

It's less well known that Twenty One was dropped by Granada in the UK when a contestant here also claimed that he had been given "definite leads" to the answers.

With Take Your Pick and Double Your Money maintaining their remarkable headlock on the audience figures until their unfortunate demise, very few other shows were able to get a look-in.

Although there are still a few anomalies in the Scottish regions, in general all prime time game shows in the UK can be seen throughout the country. Associated Rediffusion, one of the ITV franchise companies, hit the big time with Take Your Pick, the first show to offer money prizes.

Companion show Double Your Money offered a top prize of £1000.

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