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It was blind buy, remembering I used to love the 212 back in the late 90's or early 2000, when it came up, but this one doesn't really reminds me the original version at all; it could've been named differently, for me is not a flanker since the smell is a totally different. I found more similarity to Rochas Man and not much with JPG. It is very recognizable and unique enough that I can pick it out in a crowd. If you wanted to create a Sexy version of 212 this would certainly be how you'd go about it, much warmer than the original and a generally sweeter, more cozy, oriental feel to the whole thing.I am still finding out how is performing, so far 2 hrs. Upon re-sampling recently, It reminded me of fragrance flankers like Hot Water, or the older Xeryus Rouge but still with those synthetic and green tones of the original poking through. I assume it's meant to be the sexy part of this fragrance. 212 Sexy Men is indeed quite similar to JPG Le Mâle, but not as bold and intrusive. Glad I got a sample of this, will probably get myself a bottle. EDIT: I'm at the end of my 3 ml sample now, I like this scent even more now.The three final notes of Musk, Amber and especially vanilla which gives this fragrance a real sweet/warm vib :))) I personally find it to be A BEAST OF A JUICE. So one day I sprayed it on my wrist, after 30 minutes I ask my mom to sniff my wrist and she back off and asked wth is that.Longevity is well past 8hrs considering I have a tester. So now I know that people can't be smelling this directly from skin. The subtle smell is good, but when it's a bit too over, it can be quite awful.PS: Preste bastante atenção, pq diante dos tempos moderninhos de hoje provavelmente isso vai ser o mais próximo de um cabaço que vc vai chegar.

Maybe its bevause the original 212 dna doesnt mix well with sweet notes. Finally everything begins to fade out and tommorow is almost ready to begin. 7 out of 10 Hit in the face with vanilla and citrus and o like... Yes I agree with those that say it has a BO, It does, but its not a Major BO, I'm not sure which note causes the BO but thos scent is a lil cheapish smells exactly like Sadie Rollon. I am using it to the office and for special moments too.

I wouldn't wear it on warm days, though, as the heat makes the scent much thicker, and the B. Não ficou bem na minha pele, quem tem peles que fecham as fragrâncias pensem duas vezes antes de comprar esse. Update 26/8/2014: saya sedikit terkejut karna barusan membeli 1 botol sexy men lagi dan lagi (total sudah 4 botol xixixi) dan ternyata notes nya berubah.... 212 Sexy Men has gone down significantly in price over the last year and can easily be picked up for under and makes a great alternative or complimentary option to Le Male when something more subtle or organic is called for.

Vanillanya lembut, gak terlalu manis, enak, cewek pasti suka deket2. Dipake di ruangan kantor ber-AC siang hari juga masih cocok. gw kehabisan kata2 mau jelasin gimana lagi about nih scent! If you like vanilla, you will enjoy this thoroughly.

This is a story about 212 Sexy Men, a cologne I really wanted to try out and like before I even opened the box..hate to say I was a little disappointed. It had a cardamom forward nose with guiac wood and musk.

Let's just say that I stole this from a fiend and then my other friend stole it from me. Bottle: 8 Scent: 9 Longitivety: 9 So I read the last review and thought I would compare to Le Male... Its really nice when you spray Individuel over it (The mix is similar to Le Male Terrible). probably not something I would buy though to me, the drydown seems a bit more refined and less powdery than Le Male.. First of all, I don't get vanilla from this and this does not come off feminine in any way.

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Rating is easy 7.5/10 ★★★ :-) Update, Feb 24th 2016 After trying it during the winter months, I realized that I was enjoying warm vib from vanilla. This is really nice juice, dark and mysterious and oozes sexyness ,and I don't think I'll be purchasing armanis eau de nuit,which I got a sample of and loved it, but this is much better.

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