Sex talks without webcams and no registration

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I didn't mind shelling out money for the Philadelphia Comic Con in my hometown, which I did pretty much every year.I did raise a few eyebrows when my best friend Joel insisted I shell out 0 for two VIP experience tickets, though.

I was kind of nervous to find out, so I looked away when Joel finally got to the front of the line.

With that, I decided to double check as I got to her booth and held out my photo.

"I hope my friend wasn't any trouble," I said to Hayden while pointing over at Joel -- who thankfully didn't notice. " I corrected, hoping I didn't just screw Joel over.

"Oh, no, he was fine," Hayden as she took my photo. "He's a good guy, he's just a....really big fan of yours. But I guess you've had worse." I said before catching myself and trying not to babble in front of Hayden.

After all, I risked enough damage to Joel and I was probably holding up the line.

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