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Noah thought “it was her” but obviously that was not the case. The Brown kids have to ride the bicycle for around an hour for them to be able to generate enough electricity to watch TV.This was one of the first episodes I saw in which the Browns are watching TV.Over the last few decades we have learned that lack of care for teeth can cause major health concerns as human beings age.In fact, some have died from complications caused by cavities and other types of gum disease in the mouth.Now that Obamacare offers dental care for almost everyone at an affordable price doesn’t it stand to reason that Billy Bryan Brown would use some of the money made from his book to take his children to a dentist? At the beginning of the Noah dating Christy episode there was a focus on Noah writing a letter. “I’ve never met an intellect to match my own.” Well, Noah is a little bit cocky, isn’t he?His penmanship wasn’t the best but I would imagine some of his brothers cannot write at all. It will be interesting to see how this second date plays out. Noah is considering going from dating to “courting” with courting meaning marriage.

There are a few other You Tube videos that were uploaded around 2008, well before the Alaskan Bush People show was filmed and aired on the Discovery Channel.On the next episode of Alaskan Bush People in mid July 2015, after Shark Week, we get to see Noah try to go on a second date with Christy. If this is truly a “bush” experience should they have tools like this? In the episode on July 3rd, 2015 Noah works on a bicycle generator that is going to create electricity for the Brown family.Her name might be spelled Kristi or Kristy but I guess we will find that out the next time the Alaskan Bush People are on TV. This was the same episode Billy Brown went to get the new boat – The Integrity.Hopefully, the Browns realize the importance of dental care and do something about the teeth of the children.With a show on the Discovery Channel one would think they could afford some type of dental care.

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Interestingly, at the end of every You Tube video completed by the children they promote the book “One Wave at a Time” by Billy Bryan Brown, the father of the family.