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Ruislip — my typically suburban home town in Middlesex — seemed motionless and stifling to the young me. And it’s only now, aged 69, with the benefit of hindsight and firmly entrenched in the madness that is Central London 2012, that I look back and realise that Ruislip was actually a lost paradise.

I love Slack, the mega-popular corporate-friendly chat client.

Back then, suburbia was one huge playground for us children.

I was an only child, luckily living in one of the larger, detached houses, but we all had our gardens, the fields, the woods, the banks of the River Pinn, the lido, our dogs, pet mice and riding (it didn’t cost an arm and a leg in those days). There was hardly any traffic, so crossing the road was not the near-death experience that it can be today.

I invited my buddy, colleague, and Slack expert Casey Newton to tell me more about the app, and more importantly, guide me onto a road of self-improvement. on i Tunes, listen on Sound Cloud, or subscribe via RSS. You can also find the entire collection of What's Tech?

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But we did apparently have a mad Tarzan in the woods, and the odd flasher wandering the streets and the common. They seemed to understand the intrinsic need for children to take risks and learn the basic life lesson that actions have consequences. There was barely any telly, no mobiles, i Phones or i Players, no internet, computer games, Play Stations and no pop stars.

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