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Volunteers should be flexible and ready to adapt to unexpected changes and new situations.

Your evenings and weekends are free time to have fun and enjoy optional activities.

It is the state with the highest literacy(near 100%)and human development index in India.

The capital is Thiruvananthapuram (formerly known as Trivandrum).

During exam periods in December and March you may help out at a women’s empowerment project when the children are busy.Women’s Empowerment Project (Optional) It is possible that during your stay you may get the opportunity to help out at a women’s empowerment project, designed to help women learn new skills, improve their education and English skills and help increase their confidence.The project only runs if the women attend, so this project cannot be guaranteed to run.Stay in the laid-back coastal town of Fort Kochi and help to mentor and teach English to kids at schools, setting them on the path to a brighter future.You’ll also have the opportunity to help care for kids and run fun activities at local orphanages.

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Stepping into Fort Kochi is like stepping back in time into another world!

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