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Sean stewart dating maloof

Although he was charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, in May 2008 the case was dismissed.

Also, in 2002, Stewart was jailed for 90 days after he attacked a man outside a nightclub." data-reactid="32"He Has a History of Violence In April 2007, Stewart was arrested for beating a husband and wife with an array of things – including bricks – in a fit of rage after he was denied entrance to a private party in the Hollywood Hills.

He Has ‘Opportunist History As a Reality Television Star’ Will we see Stewart on the next season of “Real Housewives”? When he signed on to be a part of “Celebrity Rehab,” producers questioned his motive since his own A& E reality show, “Sons of Hollywood,” which also starred Randy Spelling (Tori’s little brother), had flopped.

Drew, Stewart revealed that at the age of 11, he was told by someone (reportedly his famous father) that he was “a waste of sperm and egg.” After the show ended, he chose not to continue on to its spin-off, “Sober House,” and four months later in October he was reportedly back in rehab at The Canyon at Peace Park in Malibu for “immediate detox and for recovery of substance abuse and other issues.” Sure, it’s been four years since, but has he He’s Battled Drugs and Alcohol for Years In June 2008, Stewart – who began drinking at 13 – checked into the second season of Dr.

Age may be nothing but a number, but what about his extensive rap sheet?

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Adrienne Maloof, 51, has been proudly parading her new boyfriend, 32-year-old Sean Stewart (son of Rod), all around town lately, just six months after calling it quits with Dr.

Also, in 2002, Stewart was jailed for 90 days after he attacked a man outside a nightclub.

He Has Money Issues Although Maloof bragged to TMZ that Stewart “mentors at the mission, works with at-risk children, and gives his time and money to get children off the streets,” none of that earns him a paycheck.

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Before he started blowing all his money on drugs, his father was providing him with a reported $12,000-a-month allowance.