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Ross felix dating site

The former 400 ace has been in the news as she has revealed in her memoir that she had an abortion just prior to the 2008 Olympics where she won individual bronze and relay gold.

Abortion is obviously an emotional topic which we aren't going to solve on these forums.

While I generally support life in most cases I don't really understand why it's okay in mainstream culture to kill trillions of sperm but then get so up in arms about killing a brand new fetus.She was just emphasizing that she knows this to be very common.I'm sure she knows a few athletes that have never had an abortion.I'm not super pro-life or anything, but obviously sperm isn't the same as a developing fetus. I see it a lot from feminists and the like, and it makes me cringe every time. They're not in the process of developing into a living, breathing human being. The body produces billions of them, and the vast, vast, vast majority will never even come close to leading to a human being.Even if we decided to ban masturbation and non-procreative sex, 99.999999 percent of sperm would still die without ever getting close to fertilizing an egg. Just want to point out that the word "literally" doesn't literally mean literally anymore.

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Without the word "literally" this can be interpreted as "she does not know another female track athlete who *for sure* hasn't had an abortion". Proof here: She also attended HS in Florida. In it, she says "most of the women" she knows in the sport have had an abortion."Most of the women I knew in my sport have had at least one abortion," she writes in her memoir.

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