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At age 14, she had begun to practice Hip Hop and Jazz dance.She is skilled in different interests such as acting, dancing, learning languages, and snowboarding.After the pageant, she had signed with TVB and began her career as an actress.Following guest roles in The Zone and When Rules Turn Loose in 2005, Tsui made her official TV debut in TVB series, La Femme Desperado in 2006.Of the six roles, Paris Yiu from Lives of Omission had garnered the most attention.For the role, Tsui was awarded a My Favourite TVB Female TV Character award from the Star Hub TVB Awards, nominations in the Best Actress and Favourite Female Character categories for the TVB Anniversary Awards 2011, as well as a nomination for Outstanding Actress in Television by the Ming Pao Anniversary Award.In 2007, Tsui had three TVB series released, including The Brink of Law, On the First Beat, and Steps.The roles cumulatively earned her the Most Improved Female Artist award from the TVB Anniversary Awards 2007.

Aside from her development in television acting, Tsui also experienced success in developing her career in the film industry.

The producer of the drama, Lam Chi Wah, referred to Tsui's role in Highs and Lows as the greatest breakthrough in her career and applauded her for setting down her image as a beauty pageant winner to dive into such a complex character in the drama.

The role at last earned her the Favourite Female Character award for the TVB Anniversary Awards 2012.

In 2007, through a series of auditions, Tsui was cast as the female lead, alongside A-list actors Tony Leung Ka-fai and Simon Yam, in Eye in the Sky, which is a film produced by Johnnie To and directed by Yau Nai-hoi.

With her performance in the film, Eye in the Sky was praised by professional Hong Kong film critic, Sek Kei, as the best Hong Kong film in the first half of 2007. The latter is a particularly outstanding achievement, for Tsui is, so far, the only individual to have received a Hong Kong Film Award, while being fully contracted by TVB, since Anita Yuen, who coincidentally is also a Miss Hong Kong pageant winner, won the same award back in 1993.

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