Riley keough dating is taylor swift dating conor kennedy again

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Riley keough dating

Someone who won't be too pleased about the new romance is Pattinson's ex Stewart, as she starred alongside Keough in the 2010 film 'The Runaways' and even invited her to her birthday party earlier this year."Riley was always Kristen's friend dating back from their time filming The Runaways but recently Rob and Riley been spending much more time together since meeting through their Dior modelling connection and Riley has stayed over at Rob's Los Feliz apartment," the source added."They have a lot in common- they both love LA, London, rock music and table tennis."However, Stewart did her best 'I don't care' impression yesterday when she attended a Chanel fashion show in Paris.

Rob loves the fact that Riley is Elvis's granddaughter - that's true Rock'n'Roll royalty in his eyes," a source told the Mail Online.

Riley is also the former stepdaughter of Michael Jackson & Nicolas Cage.

She is the eldest grandchild of singer-actor Elvis Presley & actress-businesswoman Priscilla Presley.

In May 2010, she replaced Olivia Thirlby as the protagonist in the werewolf drama Jack & Diane. In October of the same year, she co-starred in the video for Justin Timberlake’s “TKO”, portraying a bitter girlfriend who knocks out Timberlake and ties him to the back of a pick-up truck, proceeding to drag him through the desert and throw him off a cliff.

Filming took place in New York City, and in May 2011 Magnolia Pictures picked up the film for distribution. In September 2011, Keough joined the film, Magic Mike, alongside Channing Tatum, Matthew Mc Conaughey, and Alex Pettyfer. Keough appeared in the short film Spark and Light commissioned by fashion brand Miu Miu in 2014.

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